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LeVey Satanists

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sue him Jun. 19th, 2016 @ 08:26 pm
MY name is ms oconnor (mandi). I have been in satans cult for 20 years. He refuses to cease reincarnation. he refuses to stop trying to unsell me with reincarnation. He will not stop lying and putting me as agnostic or atheist. He will not stop reincarnating me with a tingly reincarnation. He refuses to leave and has enforced the death penalty. He refuses to check my guardian overseer in the cult. I am suing him because he unsold me illegally to win a sacrifice of a cult member of 20 years.

I am on the list of people to never reincarnate or unsell with reincarnation. he refuse to check and refuses to check to see if I am in his cult. he lied and said my name was torrako in his cult and I have never used that name in his cult. he refused to check my guardian amanada lutz and denied all evidence that I was from his cult before aaron and andy and I even proved that I knew a satanic guy when iw as 16 that's before both aaron and andy.

Grievance Jan. 3rd, 2016 @ 03:19 am
I am filing a complaint about satan with the cult. One of his cult members has been given 1000 illegally and reincarnated illegally. He is lying and saying this person wasn't in his cult when they've been in the cult of satan for 20 years and we're on every single blacklist for reincarnation. They are also on the blacklist of people to unsell with reincarnation just in case. He tried to give them the next life that they don't come back from. He's guilty of a cult member and the cult member has a guardian overseer named mandi which he keeps denying and refuses to contact until after 1000. I am taking this to court and filing a lawsuit.

Hi Aug. 30th, 2009 @ 07:31 am
Anyone still around?

I'm beyond bored  with the hippie sludge  of neopaganism.  I agree with a lot of Satanic philosophy.  

are there any military satanists out there? Aug. 20th, 2008 @ 02:33 am

is there a group for us military ppl ?

a social liberal group Jul. 25th, 2008 @ 12:31 am
I have created a group for social liberals, which covers all of the social liberty issues in which positions are strongly correlated. Social liberalism is consistent with the LaVey satanist doctrine of 'do what you want'. I have not found any other such group on livejournal or elsewhere on the internet:
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» The Satanic Witch
I've started a community for fans of Anton LaVey's book The Satanic Witch. If you've read it, enjoyed it, come share your experiences and advice with like minded ladies.


» (No Subject)
I'm trying to determine if there can be a Satanic Unification. I won't go too much into detail here, but I'm wondering if a religion based upon Total Free Will, Indulgence, and Individuality can be organized or are we doomed to a Fate similar, yet opposite, to Anarchy? Deemed impossible due to the Natural Order of things was Anarchy's downfall, and the Chaos that comes from Disorder seems to be the downfall of Satanism.

I'm not losing faith, but I'm realizing that divided we have a very slim chance of overtaking the beliefs that have been intoned into the heads of so many ignorant Christians and others. This isn't a War in the normal sense of the word, but the Christians have a Mass Unification thing going on, outnumber us, have 2000+ years of history, etc... powerful foe. The "I Love you with all my Hatred" bit they throw at us is sickening. I know we have a church and our priests and our lack of deity, but I am beginning to believe that we need to either multiply exponentially, spread our religion to those who will listen (i.e. Lend people our Bibles and stuff), or we can fall under... you know?

I've already witnessed something that gave me cause for concern, but I don't remember when. The radio was giving a speech about 'embracing our human nature' and such, and I see that Christianity can overthrow us by adopting our religion and putting their name in place of ours. Then, whenever we spoke of Satanism, the would chuckle and say that we were already Christian and preach to us that we're only missing the blessings of God or some shit. This is a fledgling theory, but if it proves true... we need to do something about it. We need organization and power, and we need it fast.
» (No Subject)
What do you say, and how do you react when someone asks you "What is your religion?" or however they may word it. Do you shrug them off and tell them it's none of their business, or do you tell them? I personally am hesitant when telling someone new that I am a satanist, considering the majority of people where I am are Christian, or Roman Catholic, and very religious. I'm especially hesitant when the person who asks is a potential girlfriend.
» (No Subject)

So has anyone ever dealt with your family members preaching at your kids?

The other day my brother was over here visiting and my oldest daughter said something... I can't remember what exactly but she was accusing him of lying about something.. (haha) and he goes, "I don't lie honey.. That's a sin.. If you lie you go to hell and burn forever." I was livid. I told him, "don't fucking tell her that bullshit. I don't believe in that and I don't want people brainwashing her." He goes, "well *I* do." What the fuck?

Also, come to find out that when I leave her with my parents who babysit sometimes they PREAACH to her... (my youngest is 3 and doesn't get it but my oldest is 5)... anyways, She'll come home and say, "Granny told me that Jesus made the world."

This makes me FURIOUS.

Advice? What should I do?
» Bothersome question...
I am of the mind that it is not necessary to delay the inevitable... in almost all things. It can't be helped sometimes, like I'd like to delay being shot in the head for a little while.

In any case, based on a few physics theories and my study of human nature, I have decided that why should we delay the destruction of humanity? I'm not asking anyone to go out and commit mass murders, especially not any of you... I'd rather not tarnish a pre-emptively stained reputation our name brings us. In any case, I've detemrined that humans are the single most destructive creatures on this planet. What with industry and all that eco-stuff... One way or another, one my say we were genetically designed to kill each other as people, not as individuals, but as a whole I mean. In 5 billion years, the sun is going to swallow our planet, and not long after that it will probably Supernova and eradicate all life in this solar system. Long time, I know. Thus, humanity's destruction is inevitable.

So, while I can't put any practical application to this, as it is impossible for one man to do alone, and not too many... or none... agree with me, don't take this the wrong way. I'm sensible enough to not kill anybody. It's like removing a grain of sand from the desert... I kill three people, there's still over 6 billion left. It's impossible. Right... to the point.

I am very proud to be a Satanist, the views and ideas put forth by Anton LaVey ring true on almost every occasion. (can't agree with all things in life...) I wear my inverted crucifix rather proudly, I tell anyone who asks, etc... but do you think that the notion, or rather the truly desirable goal of genocide that I have is UnSatanic?

(Note: I have been told genocide is the destruction of a race, not an ethnicity, and as such, I classify the Human Race, as a race. I also think 'racism' should be called 'ethnicism'... but that's a personal opinion.)
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